Joel Pineiro (4-2, 3.66) @ Ross Ohlendorf (3-3, 4.14), 7:05 P.M., PNC Park

Postgame Update:
There was a lot to feel good about in Pittsburgh last night. The Penguins destroyed the Capitals 6-2 in Game 7 of their Stanley Cup playoff series. The Pirates beat the Cardinals 5-2 and started a much-needed winning streak.

Ross Ohlendorf pitched another nice game (6IP, 2H, 1R, 5K). Pirate pitchers allowed 0 walks tonight. Matt Capps entered the game with a bit of a jam in the 9th (runners on 1st and 2nd, 1 out, 4 run lead). He allowed an Albert Pujols RBI single, but then he got Chris Duncan to ground into a double play for the save.

Jack Wilson found himself at the plate tonight. He was 3-4 with an RBI double. Like I said yesterday, it’s great having him healthy again.

Adam LaRoche hit a “home run” in the 1st that was reviewed with video replay. Replay showed that the home run hit the railing and did not clear the park. The call was overturned, and LaRoche was given an RBI double. That’s the first time that video overturned a call in PNC Park history.

Finally, in non-Pirate news, Nationals’ Ryan Zimmerman had a 30 game hitting streak going into last night. Unfortunately, he failed to record a hit against Barry Zito and the San Francisco Giants. Zimmerman spent a few months with the Harrisburg Senators on his way up to the big leagues, so I’m a fan of his. I hope he starts a new streak tomorrow (but hopefully he doesn’t hurt us too bad in our 4 game series with the Nats next week!).

Well, we’ve got a winning streak, and we’ve guaranteed a series win against the Cardinals! We’ll be reaching for the brooms tonight.

Go Bucs!

The M-Boys: McLouth, Morgan, and Moss Celebrate the Win

The M-Boys: McLouth, Morgan, and Moss Celebrate the Win

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