Here are PDF copies of some of my favorite scorecards.

Traditional Style ScoresheetsThis is my favorite type of scoresheet for when I’m casually scoring a game. It’s easy to quickly glance at the scoresheet and determine the score of the game and how far each runner progressed around the bases. has some nice traditional style scoresheets.

Project Scoresheet Style ScoresheetsThis is the best type of scoresheet if you’re scoring a game that will be later input into a computer for processing. I score all Pittsburgh Pirate games using this style of scoresheet.

I think Alex Reisner has made one of the best scoresheets in the Project Scoresheet style. He also did a nice job documenting how to score in Project Scoresheet style. My scoresheet is heavily based off of Alex’s scoresheet. The key difference between his and mine is that my scoresheet has both teams fitting onto one page.

Reisner Style ScoresheetsI don’t have experience with this style of scoresheet, but I know many people really like it. It’s a combination of traditional and Project Scoresheet style scoresheets. I plan to experiment with this style of scoring in the future.

Alex Reisner has information about his scoring system at


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  1. sanford sklansky

    I wonder if you have a clean copy of this score sheet. I do have it, but it is a little off kilter. I would like a better copy. I actually got it off his site originally but he put the sample across it. If you have a copy could you send me one.

  2. You can purchase a clean copy for $6 here:

  3. sanford sklansky

    I didn’t realize you had answered me. Some posted on Boog Scambi’s score card from the all star game to night. I left a comment and a link to what I was using to score games. I am not sure exactly when but he had stopped selling his scorebook. As I mentioned I did have a copy I am kind of surprised with so much on line that there is not a copy of his card floating around.

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