Sometimes you take a year-and-a-half hiatus from your blog. It just happens. For quite some time, I’ve been meaning to begin updating this site more frequently, and now I’m finally getting started! While there hasn’t been a whole lot of activity on this site, there are several site updates that I would like to mention.

1. Rosters Up-to-Date – Rosters for all MLB and MiLB teams are still being updated on a daily basis. FixedIt roster files require the Manager’s name to be included, and those names are now being updated automatically (so, you will see that Clint Hurdle is finally reflected as the Pirates’ Manager!!). Also, I hadn’t updated the Minor League Teams for about two years, and there had been several name/affiliation changes (for instance the Bradenton Marauders became the Pirates’ Class A Advanced team). Those are now up-to-date. Check out all of the files on the Roster Files page.

2. 6-4-3 Baseball Scorecard – Ryan Blume has created a baseball scoring app for Android called 6-4-3 Baseball Scorecard. I’ve tested it out for a few games, and it’s pretty cool. Even better, the app is capable of importing rosters from PitchByPitch, so users can begin scoring games with very little pre-game setup. I encourage you to check out his app, and I plan to write a more thorough post about 6-4-3.

3. Retrosheet Scorecard – I haven’t made many updates to my Retrosheet Scorecard, mainly because I feel like I’ve hit a wall with the amount of progress that I’m able to make. Still, I think it is a good tool for anybody who wants to do play-based (but not pitch-based) analysis. I also feel limited with the technology on which the scorecard is built. I’m not crazy about the fact that it requires Microsoft Excel to run. I’ve been making a lot of progress on a web-based version of the scorecard. Expect more posts on this as well.

4. Game Logs – This is probably the most significant update that I have. I’ve always enjoyed that MLB makes their “Game Notes” available every day. Essentially, these are mini Media Guides (or Press Passes) containing lots of team statistics, but focused on that day’s particular game and opponent. I love the amount of information that is contained within the Game Notes, but I also think that they lack concise statistical data. For instance, if I want to quickly find how many hits Andrew McCutchen has this season (a reasonable question), that information isn’t easily available.

Also, Bill James e-mails his Daily Match-Up reports that list hitters and pitchers for both teams in a tabular format, along with how each hitter has historically performed against opposing pitchers. This is another report that I enjoy reading every day, but it also has its downfalls. Many of the batter/pitcher match-ups have never occurred, so the only available information is 0-0, .000. Or, perhaps, they have met once, and so the sample size is too small to be meaningful. (To receive these match-up reports for your favorite team, e-mail the name of your favorite team to

I decided to make the effort to create my own daily report. The reports contain one page for each team, and that page includes: team results broken out by opponent, division standings, wild card standings, last ten game results, and individual stats for each player on the 40-man roster. These reports are generated automatically each morning, and I encourage you to check them out on the Today’s Games page. Soon, I plan to add the capability for these reports to be e-mailed to fans every morning. I would love to hear any and all feedback that you may have!

Like I said earlier, I hope to continue updating this site more frequently. I plan for these updates to be more focused on the niche of this site, and less focused on day-to-day happenings in the Pittsburgh Pirates’ world. Raise the Jolly Roger and Where Have You Gone, Andy Van Slyke do an excellent job of that. However, pictures like this one will never get old.

A late-summer move combined with a hectic job schedule has obviously limited my ability to score the Pirates on a daily basis. Still, I kept a close eye on the Bucs throughout the 2009 season (as difficult as that was to do at times). I’m hopeful that I’ll soon have more time to continue working on my scorecard, and hopefully I’ll have time throughout next season to ‘keep the books.’

While most eyes (including mine) are closely watching the MLB playoffs, today does mark Opening Day of the Arizona Fall League.

In case you follow the Arizona Fall League (or any of the Winter Leagues) closely, roster files are now available in the Rosters section of this site.

Nationals’ pitcher, Stephen Strasburg highlights the Phoenix Desert Dogs’ roster.

I’ll be checking to see how Jose Tabata plays on the Scottsdale Scorpions’ roster.

Other Pirates in the AFL include: Daniel Moskos, Donnie Veal, Tony Watson, Brian Friday, Chase D’Arnaud, and 1 additional Pitcher.

Enjoy the Playoffs (and winter baseball)!


I’ve always thought that the All Star Game is a good test for a scoresheet. Throughout the course of the game, you can see some pretty wild substitutions.

This year’s game wasn’t too bad, and my scoresheet handled it just fine. Here’s the scoresheet, box score, and event file.

     Game of 7/14/2009 -- American League at National League (N)

  American League    AB  R  H RBI    National League    AB  R  H RBI  
Suzuki I, rf          3  0  1  0   Ramirez H, ss         3  0  0  0   
Jackson E, p          0  0  0  0   Hoffman T, p          0  0  0  0   
Morneau J, 1b         2  0  0  0   Gonzalez A, 1b        0  0  0  0   
Jeter D, ss           2  2  0  0   Utley C, 2b           2  0  0  0   
Bartlett J, ss        1  0  0  0   Hudson O, ph-2b       2  0  1  0   
Mauer J, c            3  1  1  1   Pujols A, 1b          3  0  0  0   
Granderson C, cf      1  1  1  0   Cordero F, p          0  0  0  0   
Teixeira M, 1b        3  0  0  0   Bell H, p             0  0  0  0   
Martinez V, c         0  0  0  0   Howard R, ph          1  0  0  0   
Bay J, lf             2  0  1  0   Rodriguez F, p        0  0  0  0   
Jones A, rf           1  0  0  1   Braun R, rf-lf        2  0  0  0   
Hamilton J, cf        3  0  1  1   Upton J, ph-lf        2  0  0  0   
Hernandez F, cf       0  0  0  0   Ibanez R, lf          2  0  0  0   
Papelbon J, p         0  0  0  0   Hawpe B, rf           2  0  0  0   
Youkilis K, ph        1  0  1  0   Wright D, 3b          2  1  1  0   
Nathan J, p           0  0  0  0   Billingsley C, p      0  0  0  0   
Rivera M, p           0  0  0  0   Tejada M, ss          2  0  0  0   
Young M, 3b           3  0  1  0   Victorino S, cf       2  1  1  0   
Zobrist B, ph-2b      1  0  0  0   Werth J, cf           1  0  0  0   
Hill A, 2b            3  0  0  0   Molina Y, c           2  1  1  1   
Inge B, 3b            1  0  0  0   McCann B, ph-c        1  0  0  0   
Halladay R, p         1  0  0  0   Lincecum T, p         0  0  0  0   
Buehrle M, p          0  0  0  0   Fielder P, ph         1  0  1  1   
Greinke Z, p          0  0  0  0   Franklin R, p         0  0  0  0   
Crawford C, ph-lf     3  0  1  0   Haren D, p            0  0  0  0   
                                   Zimmerman R, 3b       2  0  0  0   
                     -- -- -- --                        -- -- -- --
                     34  4  8  3                        32  3  5  2   

American League  200 010 010 --  4
National League  030 000 000 --  3

  American League      IP  H  R ER BB SO
Halladay R            2.0  4  3  2  0  0
Buehrle M             1.0  0  0  0  0  0
Greinke Z             1.0  0  0  0  0  2
Jackson E             2.0  0  0  0  0  0
Papelbon J (W)        1.0  0  0  0  0  1
Nathan J              1.0  1  0  0  1  1
Rivera M (S)          1.0  0  0  0  0  1

  National League      IP  H  R ER BB SO
Lincecum T            2.0  2  2  1  0  1
Franklin R            1.0  0  0  0  0  0
Haren D               1.0  1  0  0  0  0
Billingsley C         1.0  2  1  1  0  0
Hoffman T             1.0  1  0  0  0  0
Cordero F             1.0  0  0  0  0  0
Bell H (L)            1.0  2  1  1  1  1
Rodriguez F           1.0  0  0  0  0  1

E -- Pujols A, Hamilton J
DP -- National League 1
LOB -- American League 6, National League 3
2B -- Fielder P, Mauer J
3B -- Granderson C
SB -- Hudson O
SF -- Jones A
HBP -- by Lincecum T (Jeter D)
T -- 2:31
A -- 46760

Scoresheet (PDF)

Event File

Here are the ROS files for the big game tonight.

American League
National League

I just realized that I had the playbyplay page set to be a private page, so the live updates weren’t working when I wasn’t logged in. Live Updates for each game should be working now.


I’ve never personally used the BallStat/BallScore scoring programs, but I received a request for roster files in the BallStat/BallScore format, so I added them to the roster pages.



I didn’t initially plan on releasing another version of my Retrosheet Scoresheet before pitches were fully implemented, but I came across several “bugs” and I made some miscellaneous improvements.

Although pitch-by-pitch data isn’t fully supported, I think this is a pretty good release.


Here are the changes that were made from Version 2C into Version 2D.

– DH became a defensive position – This is an important change if you have a substitute for the DH. If the DH is changed while on offense, you should enter the substitute as a Pinch Hitter. Then, in the defensive half of the inning, the Pinch Hitter should change back to the DH.

– K+E – Previously, K+PB, K+CS, K+WP, and K+SB were supported. Now, K+E is supported too.

– Save line always displayed – I noticed that Retrosheet files display a line for save even if there is no save, so gamefiles from my scoresheet now export in the same manner.

– Extra columns for long games – Previous versions were limited to 63 plate appearances per team. I’ve now allowed for up to 126 plate appearances by team. Click “Show/Hide Extras” to see these additional columns. If you import a long game, the extra columns will display automatically.

– Extra rows for many substitutes – This is a nice improvement if you plan on scoring the All Star Game. If you click “Show/Hide Extras,” you will see 30 additional substitute rows for each team to the far right of the spreadsheet.

– Hid # fields – I really don’t have any plans to use the # columns, so I hid them.

– Comments prior to the game now in 1st at-bat – Previous versions of the scoresheet were throwing an error when the gamefile had a comment prior to the first at-bat. Comments prior to the first at-bat are now displayed in the box for the first at-bat.

– Updated Umpires File – There was a minor spacing error in the previous version of the Umpires file.

– bevent button added (need path to excel) – Beneath the box button, there is another button for bevent. In order for this to work properly, you need to populate the Excel location field in the Setup tab.




A wild event in yesterday’s Pirates’ game prompted the release of Version 2C of my Retrosheet Scoresheet.

Carlos Zambrano was pitching to Nate McLouth in the 7th inning, and he threw a wild pitch, allowing Nyjer Morgan to score from 3rd. Zambrano argued and was ejected. Angel Guzman entered to replace Zambrano, and continue pitching to Nate McLouth.

In this situation, you can place a “P” (for “P”ost “P”replay) in the BA column. This isn’t a perfect fix, as I haven’t considered a complex combination of “P”, “B”, and “A” codes… but this should cover 99.9% of games.


Robert B helped to identify a bug in Version 2a of the Retrosheet Scoresheet. The bug occurred when there was a substitution for the pitcher in a game using the DH (darn me for only scoring Pirates’ games!).

The bug has been fixed, and version 2b is now available on the Download page.




I’m going on vacation to Ireland for a week, so I’m going to be out-of-touch from the Pirates until Memorial Day.

I think all of the games against the Rockies and Nationals should be winnable, but the weekend in Chicago will be tough.

I scheduled live update posts for each day while I’m away, so there will still be some activity on the blog even though I’ll be far away from it.

Until next week… Go Bucs!