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  1. Robert B

    Updated Parks 2009 data (based on info I found on I noticed the code for Citi Field was incorrect.

    Ameriquest Field,ARL02
    Angel Stadium of Anaheim,ANA01
    Bank One Ballpark,PHO01
    Busch Stadium III,STL10
    Oriole Park at Camden Yards,BAL12
    Citizens Bank Park,PHI13
    Citi Field,NYC20
    Comerica Park,DET05
    Coors Field,DEN02
    Dodger Stadium,LOS03
    Dolphins Stadium,MIA01
    Fenway Park,BOS07
    Great American Ball Park,CIN09
    Jacobs Field,CLE08
    Kauffman Stadium,KAN06
    Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome,MIN03
    Miller Park,MIL06
    Minute Maid Park,HOU03
    Oakland Coliseum,OAK01
    PetCo Park,SAN02
    PNC Park,PIT08
    Nationals Park,WAS11
    Rogers Centre,TOR02
    Safeco Field,SEA03
    SBC Park,SFO03
    Shea Stadium,NYC17
    Tropicana Field,STP01
    Turner Field,ATL02
    US Cellular Field,CHI12
    Wrigley Field,CHI11
    Yankee Stadium II,NYC21

  2. Robert B

    Noticed a bug in Version 2A of the spreadsheet. In last night’s Baltimore/NY Yankees’ game, Joba Chamberlain left the game in the top of the first, after only four batters. I made the change, putting Aceves, batting 10th and pitching in #5 on the Yankee side of the scoresheet. After putting in the out, then putting in the bottom of the first, I clicked the ‘RUN’ button to find Jeter’s double and run did not populate in the boxscore.

    Thanks for your support.


  3. Thanks for pointing this out.

    That’s what I get for only scoring Pirates’ games and ignoring the American League! I suppose I would have noticed this when I score last week’s interleague games against the White Sox.

    I’ve fixed the problem, and I’ll post version 2B.

    Thanks again,

  4. Harrison L

    I’ve noticed a problem with American League pitching. There are only three spots for a pitcher (when there is a esignated hitter). In recent AL games I’ve scored, there have been more than three pitchers that I want to key in.
    Thanks for the support,

  5. You don’t need to limit yourself to the 2 rows beneath the starting pitcher. You can use any of the substitute lines. Just make sure that the BO column reads “10”.

    The only requirement for those rows is that the starter at each spot in the batting order is listed on the top row of their respective spot.

    Let me know if you have any questions.

  6. Harrison L

    On last night’s game between the Yankees and Braves, there was a problem with an RBI and run scored. Damon on 1st, Jeter on 2nd, Teixeira batting. Teixeira grouds into a double play, but Jeter scores. The scorecard program did not recognize the run scored, or the RBI, and it only registered one out instead of two.

  7. What coding are you using? This situation shouldn’t present a problem for the scoresheet.

    Looking at that particular situation, the codes should be:




    You need the GDP line for the double play to register. Jeter will be credited with the run. Teixeira should not be credited with an RBI.

  8. Harrison L

    Thank you so much for answering my questions. I greatly appreciate it. Also, what is the purpose of the Bevent feature on version 4d, and how do you use it. Thank you so much once again.

  9. Currently, within the scoresheet, I’ve used bevent mainly for troubleshooting. If the box score isn’t displaying quite as I expected, I run bevent to try and determine where I used an incorrect code.

    I’m not sure how familiar you are with bevent, but it’s provides a lot of info that is useful when analyzing lots of games. It’s output can be put into a database and you can perform powerful queries and analysis.

  10. Harrison L

    Sorry, in my last post I meant version 2d.

  11. Robert B

    Was wondering when you generate the box and event files, what I should save them as so I can import them if needed to.



  12. If you want to import a game back into the scoresheet, you only need to save the event file. You can save the file as anything you like.

    To import the file, just change the the “To Import Filename” field in the setup tab to match the event filename.

  13. Harrison L

    How do you enter 2 steals during the same at bat(When a runner steals 2nd on one pitch, and 3rd on another pitch.) I am saying one runner, one at bat, and two steals. Is this a problem or am I doing something worng.

  14. Use the bar character to separate the two plays.


    I hope to write a better “how-to” before long that will help with some of these situations.

  15. Robert B

    Have a question…

    Since the spreadsheet calculates total runs allowed, and unearned runs entered are part of the coding, can the spreadsheet calculate the number of earned runs a pitcher allowed automatically? If so, then the ER column can be used for holds and blown saves (I know they’re MLB official categories, not sure about retrosheet).

    Just a thought I had.



  16. Hi Rob,

    A couple of notes:
    – Technically, the spreadsheet does not calculate runs allowed. The box software makes this calculation based on the event file created by the spreadsheet.

    – It’s possible that I could have the spreadsheet make this calculation, but I’m guessing that it would be pretty difficult. I’ll make a note.

    – As far as holds and blown saves, the WLS column would actually be the perfect spot to note these. Unfortunately, box, bgame, and bevent do not use these statistics. I could have the spreadsheet import/export H and BS data, but I’m not sure that it’d be worthwhile until the fields are supported by MLB / Retrosheet.

  17. Robert B

    Use the bar character to separate the two plays.


    I hope to write a better “how-to” before long that will help with some of these situations.

    This also works when you have a balk and a caught stealing with the same batter up, as was the case in today’s Toronto/NY Yankees game:

    Jeter: W
    Swisher: BK.1-2|CS3(25) while batting, then S7/L.

  18. Correct! You can also use two bars if the situation were crazy enough to present itself.

    Jeter: S8
    Swisher: BK.1-2|SB3|SBH

  19. Robert B

    I’m sure there’s an answer to this, but I’m not sure. In tonight’s Braves/Cubs game, Gregor Blanco was sent up as a pinch-hitter to start the 7th for the Braves. The Cubs countered with a pitching change, bringing in Sean Marshall, but Atlanta sent up Jeff Francoeur to pinch-hit for Blanco. I put the subs in, but when I generated the event log, both Atlanta pinch-hitters appear before the pitching change. Is there a way I can code this so the subs appear correctly in the event log?



  20. Interestingly enough, this happened in a Pirates’ game about 3 nights ago, and I made a mental note that I need to find a way to address this type of situation.

    Currently, the subs will not appear in the correct order. I will keep you posted as I try to find a way to make this work.

  21. Robert B

    Thanks for your feedback on this. I think there’s something on the BEVENT file that will allow for unearned runs that can be read by the BOX software, but I’d have to read more on it.
    I do think MLB is supporting the hold and blown save as official stats. I can check with someone on that. I don’t believe Retrosheet supports the hold or blown save as yet.
    Thanks as always, and keep up the good work! I’ll be doing another National League game tonight.

  22. Robert B

    Just a quick note… One thing I do after I set up the teams is when I go to the away and home tabs to load the rosters, I click on the last names and click the A->Z button to sort them alphabetically. Not a big thing, but something for me to easily find players when loading the lineups.

  23. Robert B

    Since I noticed there is no place within Retrosheet to account for any delays, I modified the spreadsheet to add up delay times and subtract them from the end game time. You still have to make sure the seconds equal 0 so you don’t get a crazy decimal in the event log. I’d be happy to share this with anyone that would like this feature. It does involve a macro and using a few extra cells in the setup tab.

  24. Robert B

    Have to give props on the spreadsheet for this one. Did the Dodgers/Mets game last night where Fernando Tatis played three defensive positions. Placed his name again on the second line with his third position, and the box program correctly showed him only one with the three positions played. Am loving this spreadsheet for scoring games more and more by the day! Nice job!

  25. I love your efforts. Do you have a file that is mac compatible?

  26. Thanks,

    To the best of my knowledge (I can confirm tonight), the scoresheet itself opens and displays on the Mac, as long as you have Microsoft Office for Mac installed.

    However, the scoresheet relies on Retrosheet software box.exe to generate a box score. That software is not compatible with Mac, and there isn’t a great solution that I know of.

    You could probably use the scoresheet to generate an event file. Then, you could probably install a Windows simulator and run box.exe with the gamefile inside the simulator.

    Short answer… no, the scoresheet is not mac compatible because box.exe (and bevent.exe) are not Mac compatible.

  27. Hey Ben,

    Your spreadsheet is EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for! For the project I’m working on, I need box scores of every single game since 2000. I’ve used retrosheet, but I can’t figure out how to easily format the box scores I produce into something that excel will take. Like you, I thought I was going to have to build something myself or spend 50+ hours copying and pasting. Also, I have a very limited knowledge of VB. I have two books that are scheduled to arrive tomorrow, but I am totally a beginner. You can imagine how happy I was when I found your work….

    There is, however, a problem. I can’t figure out how to import retrosheet box scores into your spreadsheet. Since your download package comes with retrosheet’s box application, I assume that your code is designed to actually fetch the box score from the event files. This is supported by looking at your code when I debug after pressing the Box button on the main score card page. I have changed the directory in the Setup tab, but I’m not sure what the Batch File Name on cell B8 refers to. Any help would be much appreciated…. I’m pretty good at trouble-shooting if I have a set of basic instructions.


    Dave S

  28. Good Morning Dave,

    I’m glad that you’ve found the spreadsheet, and hopefully you’re able to put it to use.

    I don’t think that my spreadsheet will do exactly what you’re looking for, but hopefully it gets you close. The import feature is used to import a Retrosheet event file (not a box score file). From the event file, the spreadsheet produces a populated scorecard. Using that scorecard, the spreadsheet can basically reproduces the Retrosheet event file (and then the boxscore… but you can’t do much with that box score in Excel).

    For your project, it sounds like using the output of bgame and bevent will be most helpful for you. I’m not sure exactly what you’re trying to do, but both of those programs produce .csv data that will import easily into Excel (or a SQL database). All of the information in a box score is contained within those files.

    Good luck, and please let me know if I can be of any help. I’ve been meaning to update/improve the documentation for my spreadsheet… but everything takes time.

    Good luck,

  29. Robert B

    Hope everything is going great for you…

    Just curious to see if you ever got Version 3 ready to go. I have to admit I’m looking forward to it.

    Take care!

  30. Robert B

    Hey there Ben,

    Long time no hear from; hope everything is well with you.

    I have a couple of questions for you.

    1. Any luck as far as a web-based version of pitch-by-pitch?

    2. Also, with PC’s now with Windows 7/8 and DOS is a dying OS, have you heard of any application out there that can handle the creation of Retrosheet box and event files?


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