I’m not exactly sure when this happened, but just today I noticed that BallStat / BallScore is now available for free!  If you run Windows, it’s definitely worth checking out.  Roster files are updated daily here.



Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten it to run well on my Mac using Wine.  Their website does claim that the program works using Parallels or VMWare Fusion.


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  1. Richard Thomas

    Hello Ben, great to see you’re still around; I had some brief exchanges with you several years ago.

    An observation: all the MLB BallStat CSV files are returning “404 Not Found” for me. Regards.

  2. Thanks! Updated.

  3. Ryan Mitchell

    Hi, I use Ball Stat to score for my broadcasts. Are Triple-A rosters going to be available this year?

  4. Hi Ryan,

    Yes – Rosters are available again. I apologize, I hadn’t realized that they weren’t working.


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