As I was re-watching Moneyball this morning, I wanted to check out some data about the 2002 Oakland Athletics. After downloading the 2002 data from Retrosheet, I remembered that I don’t have any way of analyzing the data on my Macbook.

After trying, unsuccessfully, to get Retrosheet’s DiamondWare software running on DosBox, I turned to Chadwick. The installation instructions that come packaged with Chadwick are nearly everything that you need to get the software installed properly. The main piece of missing information is that you need to run the “make install” command as the “root” user.

Here are instructions for installing Chadwick on a Mac.

1. Enable the “root” user in Mac OSX. The directions are posted here:







2. Download Chadwick source files: The current version is 0.6.2.

3. Unzip the downloaded file.

4. Open Terminal

5. Navigate to the unzipped directory where the Chadwick files are stored.

cd Downloads/chadwick-0.6.2

6. Run the ./configure command.


7. Run the make command.


8. Switch to root

su root

9. Type in the password that you created in Step 10 above.

10. Run the make install command.

make install

11. You should now have Chadwick installed on your Mac. ┬áType “cwbox” to verify.


12. Navigate to the directory where you have downloaded and extracted Retrosheet files, and run commands from that location.

cd /Downloads/2002eve

cwbox -y 2002 -i OAK200209040 2002OAK.EVA