I’ve done additional work on my Retrosheet Scoresheet project, and I am now releasing Version 2a.

Key Improvements:
– Substitutes are now entered at a logical position on the scoresheet. For instance, if Ramon Vazquez replaces Jack Wilson in the 8th spot in the batting order, Vazquez is placed just below Jack Wilson on the scoresheet.
– If a player changes positions during a game, the second Pos/Inn columns are used.
– If both sets of Pos/Inn columns are used and there is a short bat surrounding one of those substitutions, the BA column now shows: “A”, “B”, “XA”, “XB”, “AA”, “AB”, “BA”, or “BB” depending on whether each substitution was “B”efore the short bat, “A”fter the short bat, or “X” not related to the short bat.

This closes out Version 2 of my Retrosheet Scoresheet Project.

I will now begin working on Version 3 which focuses on the incorporation of pitch data.





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