Todd Wellemeyer (3-2, 4.75) @ Zach Duke (3-3, 2.79), 7:05 P.M., PNC Park

I’ll be at Camden Yards, watching the O’s vs. the Rays.

Post Game Update:
I could hardly believe my eyes as the out-of-town scoreboard in Camden Yards kept updating. Thanks to 8 strong innings from Zach Duke, the Pirates beat the Cards 7-1. Through 7 games, Duke’s ERA is 2.52. Good stuff!

The Pirates got home runs from Adam LaRoche and Brandon Moss, two players who have been struggling as of recent. Hopefully, they’re starting to turn the corner.

Jack Wilson is back! Even though he went 0-4 tonight, he was part of a nice double play, and it feels really good to have him back on the field.

Currently, the biggest cause for concern is Matt Capps. He came in for the 9th inning and loaded the bases with no outs. He escaped the inning and didn’t allow any runs, but now his last 4 performances have been shaky.

April 24 – Flyout, Walk, Popout, Walk, Single – 1 run
May 2 – Single, Single, Single, Single, Flyout, K, Single, K – 2 runs
May 4 – Single, Single, Walk, SacFly, HR, K, Flyout – 4 runs
May 12 – Single, Walk, Walk, K, K, Flyout – 0 runs

Andy LaRoche scores against the Cardinals

Andy LaRoche scores against the Cardinals

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