What a time to be playing the Mets! After losing 5 in a row and 9 of our last 10, now we get to go to the Big Apple and play 3 games with one of the best teams in baseball in their brand new stadium.

I didn’t see any of this game because I was out kayaking and camping on the Susquehanna River. All I missed was another loss for our losing streak.

It was Jeff Karstens @ Jon Niese. Karstens actually did a fair job, pitching 6 innings and leaving with the score 2-2. The disaster came in the 8th inning at the hands of Tyler Yates and Sean Burnett. Yates gave up 2 singles and a walk. Burnett came in and gave up a HR, a single, a double, a wild pitch, and a walk.

The Pirates added a meaningless run in the 9th. 7-3 Mets.

This series could get ugly.



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  1. Can we just include McCutchen in The Good most every game. He coeninuts to amaze me. Last night was the first night I saw him in person. You can not truly get a feel for his speed till you see him in person. Even my wife who’s not much more than a casual fan opined, Wow, he’s really fast isn’t he! 2-4 last night, with 2BB, .8333 OBP. Even caused Stephen Drew to make an error on a hard hit two hopper right at him at short. Seriously, even if Drew fielded the ball clean, it would have been a close play at first.I remember seeing Bonds when he first came up (He actually wore #7 if anyone is into trivia) and realizing he was the best player on the Pirates at the time. Bonds only hit .238 as a rookie. Barring any major collapse by McCutchen, I can’t see him hitting below .280.McCutchen probably will not hit for power, but there’s no doubt this guy will be a star.

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