This afternoon I made some modifications to the script that automatically generates the .ROS files so that the script also generates .CSV files for use with the FixedIt scoring software.  See the link above to access the .CSV files.

Also, check out for more information on their software.

I purchased FixedIt’s baseball scoring software, and I plan to write more about FixedIt in the future.  There are some aspects of the software that I’ve really enjoyed.  In particular, I purchased the software at a time when I was using a Palm handheld.  FixedIt has a module for Palm so I could score games live at the ballpark directly on my Palm Pilot.  Also, the graphical user interface makes it quite easy to score games using a desktop/laptop computer.

There are also several aspects of FixedIt that I dislike.  First and foremost, the program creates a gamefile that cannot be read by any piece of software except for FixedIt.  So, if you make a mistake and try to correct the mistake, but the software misinterprets your correction (which does happen a lot!), you can easily corrupt your entire game file.  My desire is for a piece of scoring software to generate a text file (preferably in Project Scoresheet format!) that can easily be decrypted by a human or any piece of Project Scoresheet compatible software.  Additonally, one of the key reasons that I purchased FixedIt was because they promised free upgrades for life.  I’ve seen very few upgrades in the four years that I’ve owned FixedIt.

Still, I do like the software, and I score games with it every now and then.  So, I like to keep the MLB rosters active so that anybody else who uses FixedIt has them at easy access.  Enjoy!

FixedIt .CSV files contain generally the same information as the .ROS files, just in a different format.  Below is an excerpt of the current .CSV roster file for the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Arizona Diamondbacks,,,,,
Manager,Bob Melvin,,,,
0,Travis Blackley,P,0,LH,LH
33,Billy Buckner,P,0,RH,RH
0,Jonathan Coutlangus,P,0,LH,LH
49,Doug Davis,P,0,RH,LH
58,Juan Gutierrez,P,0,RH,RH

The first row lists the team name.  The second row lists the manager.  The third row lists the column headers: #, Name, Position, Batting Order, Batting Hand, and Throwing Hand.  Each of the players are listed in the remaining rows.


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